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For more than two decades, Global For Telecommunication Technology Company (also known as GTTCO) has successfully played a primary role in the development of today’s local and regional information and communication technology.GTTCO is recognized for its ability to introduce and integrate the latest global communication advancements made available. When communication seemed limited, we introduced the first Analog PABX, first Video Conferencing and the largest Data Network in the Kingdom. As a result, we take pride in playing a direct role in connecting millions of people together.Today, we are acknowledged as one of the largest integrated ICT solution providers in the Jordan. Our success depends on our unwavering commitment, internal organization and resources, excellent time management and expert personnel





To be the partner of choice and the leader of integrated solutions on a regional and global scale based on a client-driven alliance that is structured to meet client demands, raise client standards and capabilities.




To remain one of the largest integrated solutions company in Jordan and to continuously deploy innovative technologies by securing a highly motivated workforce and providing unparalleled customer service


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